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Gumby 713's 2 Timothy Chapter 3 comment on 8/29/2023, 9:05am...

interesting...I know about the old English spellings, but I looked at another KJV and saw the word was spelled "thoroughly".

That's why I was questioning. I've seen other differences of that type (other verses than this one) between various KJV copies from different publishers. I was just curious.

Thank you for replying so quickly!

Have a great day, my brother.


Chris's 2 Timothy Chapter 3 comment on 8/27/2023, 7:35pm...

No Gumby 713, the 2 Timothy 3:17 verse is not a typo. It's just an old English spelling (back from the 17th Century) of our modern word, 'thoroughly'. Another example of this old spelling is in James 1:2 ('divers'); nothing to do with those diving into the depths of temptations, but our spelling today would be, 'diverse' (many, various).


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