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Part one US NAVY's 2 Timothy Chapter 3 comment about verse 5 on 7/28/2020, 1:43am...

Why can't USA fake news media report this on the Iranian Fake Aircraft Cartier?

I'm proud of the mention of United States Floating REAL firepower in the Gulf!!!

Iran has a giant fake aircraft carrier that it has used over the years to practice with during naval drills to show off that it can attack US carriers. Now the lumbering model boat is on the move.

The US usually has at least one aircraft carrier somewhere near the Persian Gulf. Iran often harassed US naval ships in the Persian Gulf using fast boats of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In April, President Donald Trump said the US would sink Iranian boats that harass American warships.

The aircraft carrier is usually docked near the Port of Bandar Abbas. In recent days there was a mysterious explosive noise heard in Qeshm Island, just offshore. In addition, the oil tanker Gulf Sky, which is at the center of an international dispute amid accusations that an IRGC front company bought it, is also anchored off the island, after being allegedly hijacked from the coast of the UAE on July 6.

Iran's refurbished mockup aircraft carrier is seen towed by a tugboat near Bandar Abbas, Iran. Iran's refurbished mockup aircraft carrier is seen towed by a tugboat.

A satellite located the Iranian fake carrier offshore from Bandar Abbas and now some 50 km. southeast of where it was before. It is estimated to be 200 meters long and 50 meters wide, some 50%-70% the size of a real aircraft carrier, depending on how you estimate its overall size or displacement.

It is thus not just a floating piece of wood, but a large lumbering (Continued part 2)


Bob Grove's 2 Timothy Chapter 3 comment about verse 5 on 7/26/2020, 10:04am...

They have been deceived with a counterfeit gospel .

Jesus said many will come in his name .

You must read the bible for yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit or you will be deceived by men. Read Matthew 24 Why I say this ? Because the spirit of truth will lead you into All truth . Men can not do this .

Also there is a spirit of Antichrist, and it opposes the truth . Not all spirits although real are good or from God . You must be able to identify them . It's all in the bible .


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