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2 Timothy Chapter 3


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Tunney's 2 Timothy Chapter 3 comment on 12/27/2023, 8:00pm...

Let us be faithful in our study of the word of GOD. We will then be prepared and capable of giving an answer to every man who will ask of our hope and satisfaction in our SAVIOR KING JESUS CHRIST.

We are told of the falling away of people from the faith: however, may we be fully armored to stand against the spiritual wickedness in high places.

Thank you brethren for prayer cover and standing in the gap making up the hedge in for all in CHRIST Name.

May our diligence and maturity in CHRIST JESUS glorify and praise our SAVIOR.

Happy New Year every one!

December 27, 2023


Gumby 713's 2 Timothy Chapter 3 comment on 8/29/2023, 9:05am...

interesting...I know about the old English spellings, but I looked at another KJV and saw the word was spelled "thoroughly".

That's why I was questioning. I've seen other differences of that type (other verses than this one) between various KJV copies from different publishers. I was just curious.

Thank you for replying so quickly!

Have a great day, my brother.


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