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Jackie waters's Nehemiah Chapter 8 comment about verse 18 on 5/18/2021, 7:03pm...

What come first trumalion rapture


Richard in Christ's Nehemiah Chapter 8 comment on 5/15/2021, 11:37pm...

I also enjoy reading your full replies brother Michael,

It seems we see eye to eye. Like you stated that we are not commanded to keep a "Saturday", or certain day, Sabbath in the New Testament. As I stated Galatians 4:9-11 in my first reply to you in this thread. Which you just broke down with details to make it more understandable for those who may have not understood that verse.

Thank you very much for your time and posts as I very much enjoy conversing with other brothers & sisters in Christ. I look forward to seeing your posts here to help others in their walk with Christ.

God Bless and peace be with you brother.


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