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Chris's Joshua Chapter 22 comment on 7/29/2021, 2:12am...

Hello Victor. I think you're referring to Joshua 22:31. If so, then if you read the account from verse 1, Joshua had blessed the two and half tribes that went to claim & live on the East side of the Jordan River (Reuben, Gad, & the half tribe of Manasseh). However, when they went to their lands, they decided to build an altar to the Lord. When the other tribes on the West side of Jordan heard of this structure, they became furious & wanted to attack them for this wickedness. But after the chiefs of those nine & a half tribes consulted with the other two & a half tribes about the matter, they learned that the altar wasn't for sacrifice or worship, but simply a memorial & a witness of their connection with all the tribes. Because in the generations to come, they may not give regard to the tribes scattered on the East & West of the Jordan & this altar was simply a memorial of their common ancestry to Jacob & on to Abraham.

When the priest & the tribal chiefs heard this, they were appeased. So then in verse 31, we read that the priest (Phinehas) spoke to those two & half tribes & said that since they haven't trespassed (& angered) the Lord because of this altar, the children of Israel (the whole twelve tribes) have been saved from the anger & punishment of the Lord, even as they encountered at Peor (the plague) & concerning Achan's sin that resulted in the victory of the Amorites over them. So the people were much relieved that no sin in such a manner was committed here in Joshua chapter 22, & their lives were spared from God's punishment. I hope that helps you in understanding this portion of Scripture.


Dianne's Joshua Chapter 22 comment on 7/28/2021, 4:31pm...

Victor Don't see that written there.


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