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GiGi's Romans Chapter 15 comment on 7/16/2022, 5:48pm...

David, we do not know that Paul was the only one who was given the teaching on the Body of Christ. We have not heard what the other apostles and disciples knew, preached, or wrote. so, I don't believe that your statement that Paul alone was given this teaching by the Lord and that Jesus did not also give it to the other apostles. Paul did not evangelize ALL of the Gentile world. Many of the disciples and apostles went to areas Paul never did and preached the Gospel. I believe that they had all of the knowledge that Paul had. But, as it happened, mostly Paul's writings have survived from that time period to be included in the canon of N.T. Scripture.

To make a statement that Paul alone had the teaching of the Body of Christ is to argue from the point of absence of extant recordings of what the other apostles taught. We do not know what they taught, so we cannot definitively say they did or did not have the fullness of information that Paul also received from the Lord.


GiGi again's Romans Chapter 15 comment on 7/16/2022, 5:32pm...

Dear 8152757794

I must clarify that in Ephesians 3:2 it does say "dispensation of the grace of God, which was given to me for you." (NIV)

This does not indicate that it is a period of time, rather that Paul has been given the administrative task of dispensing the Gospel to the Gentiles as God called him to do.

There is not a mention in the Bible of any":

of the "dispensations" listed by Darby and espoused by ardent dispensationalists. I prefer to speak about God revealing Himself and His plan/promise of salvation across the ages, not all at once, but as an unfolding from time period to time period until it reached it's fulfillment in Jesus.

I do not have a problem with people thinking of dispensations in this way, but I do not follow the thinking that there are 7 dispensations across times. I believe that the redemptive plan of the Godhead has remained the same since before creation. It was promised and prophesied until it reached its end in Jesus Christ.

I think that many dispensationalist teach error concerning that there are multiple ways for people to be saved across the ages, not one way, that of faith in God's promised salvation in a Redeemer to come, for the O.T. saints, and in the Redeemer who has come, for N.T. believers. I think also many these people teach error when they say that the only Scripture that applies to Gentiles are the epistles of Paul. Because of these errors, I cannot embrace dispensationalism.


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