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David's 1 Samuel Chapter 11 comment on 7/06/2021, 7:11am...

The Lord proves His anointing on Saul through Saul's first military campaign. God imparted great wisdom and knowledge unto Saul in dealing with this situation. Saul plans and leads the armies of the Lord forward to victory, and the people are happy to accept him as God's anointed.

Many times I fail to follow Christ fully until there is a victory in my life. But sadly, I fall away again. May I learn to trust God fully in all things, at all times. Happy 4th everyone.

July, 2021


Vince's 1 Samuel Chapter 11 comment on 3/11/2021, 6:23am...

It was the spirit of God that acted through Saul in order to accomplish this victory over the Ammonites vs.6. Saul even acknowledge this fact in vs.13.

Lesson: Always acknowledge God's help, privately and/or publicly, in all our victories. We should never seek to praise ourselves and boast because without God, we are nothing. Same with salvation, we can not get ourselves saved whenever we feel like. The 3 parts of God's salvation plan is all the work of God and God alone. Part 1: Who are chosen. Part 2: Who paid for sins. And part 3: Who will resurrect the dead. GOD AND GOD ALONE. God bless you


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