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Vince's 1 Samuel Chapter 11 comment on 3/11/2021, 6:23am...

It was the spirit of God that acted through Saul in order to accomplish this victory over the Ammonites vs.6. Saul even acknowledge this fact in vs.13.

Lesson: Always acknowledge God's help, privately and/or publicly, in all our victories. We should never seek to praise ourselves and boast because without God, we are nothing. Same with salvation, we can not get ourselves saved whenever we feel like. The 3 parts of God's salvation plan is all the work of God and God alone. Part 1: Who are chosen. Part 2: Who paid for sins. And part 3: Who will resurrect the dead. GOD AND GOD ALONE. God bless you


A disciple's 1 Samuel Chapter 11 comment on 9/21/2017, 11:16am...

Michelle Ann; This was a glorious moment in the story of Saul, and speaks also of the Day when Jesus shall be once and for all reconciled to His flesh and blood Brethren the House of Israel, and will not put anyone to death for their past sins and stubbornness and unbelief; for it will be a Day of Reconciliation and Salvation! Wonderful things to think about!


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