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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 98 comment on 5/29/2023, 6:56am...

Psalm 98

This Psalm begins in verse 1 with a "new song". The "right arm" which gets the victory along with openly showing His righteousness (verse 2) shows His return after Armageddon to begin ruling with a rod of iron but with justice (Rev. 2:27; Psalm 9:8).

There is a new song earlier sung by the 144,000 in heaven at an earlier date (Rev. 14:3). There is one earlier on though; in Revelation 5:9 which appears to be those raptured and singing to the One worthy to open the seals who has overcome.

Verses 3 through 6 remind us of His presence being known throughout the earth and celebration to be given with instruments. His mercy and truth to the House of Israel mentioned in verse 3 makes it clear that God has once again salvaged Israel and restored it's covenant promises.

God judging the world with "equity" is true balanced judgment; not perverted sorts of methodologies which we see so often today. No doubt the prophecy in Isaiah 2:4 will be appropriate as swords are beaten into plowshares. That verse mentions settling "many disputes" as well; and no doubt we will rule and reign with Him in a supporting role over "many cities" for those faithfully following Him now (Luke 19:17).

The mention of the sea roaring in verse 7 once again shows this as a Millennial event; as no more sea exists at the end of that time period.


James's Psalms Chapter 98 comment on 3/20/2022, 10:30am...

Who has known the mind of the Lord for he is past finding out!! For he is good and his mercies are new every morning great is thy faithfulness oh Lord unto the Children of Men!! Who do not deserve your favor are the goodness of your benefits!! Blessed be the name of the Lord Yahweh yahshua hamashiach Elohim the Lord of our salvation


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