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Genesis Chapter 23


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Lauren's Genesis Chapter 23 comment on 1/12/2022, 1:17pm...

Me too Karen Sue, yes to all you say, Praise the Lord!


Karen Sue's Genesis Chapter 23 comment on 1/12/2022, 7:53am...

Lauren, You said earlier there is No Fear or Condemnation in Christ Jesus so with this being said I will share with you when those thoughts come, they are from satan himself and I have learned when thoughts come I say in the name of Jesus satan you can get behind me and ask Jesus to take my thoughts captive and submit them to His word. If we do not do this immediately satan has a chance to toy with us and that's what he wants because he knows his time is short and He knows He cannot pluck us from Jesus hands.

We Are His, I am a child and Dau of the One True King the Most High, God Almighty and His Kingdom is coming soon!!


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