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Giannis's Isaiah Chapter 53 comment on 4/24/2022, 3:13am...

Dear Enid

Sometimes we have a wrong impression of God's people mentioned in the Bible. We think that they are invulnerable like robots or angels or they should be like that. But they were ordinary people like me and you. Having the same passions, struggles, failures, good and bad times, their up and downs just like everybody else in the world. Just like us. What made them exceptional is that they regreted and repented for what they had done and went back to God to be forgiven. Of course one has to be very careful not to fail but we are sand/soil and will eventually fail sometime badly or less badly.(hopefully not that bad).The Bible gives a true description of their personalities. Not like biographies written by men for some great men in the world that idealize them and write nothing about their errors. David was one of them. Sure he has done things that hatdly anybody does. But he was a man after God's heart because he was always ready to admit his errors/failures and repent. Not like Adam who tried to justify him by blaming Eve. And don't forget that he was severely punished by God sometimes, and also he was not allowed to build a temple for God as his son Solomon did .All those people, good or bad, are examples for us now for what to do and what not to do.



GiGi's Isaiah Chapter 53 comment on 4/23/2022, 8:00pm...

Hello Enid.

Yes, It is said of David that he was a man after God's own heart. From reading the account of his life, it seems that he was a man who sinned like all of us, but came to God repentantly for mercy regularly. He was a devout believer in God. Scripture, on the whole speaks well of David.


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