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T Levis's Psalms Chapter 127 comment on 2/22/2022, 9:09am...

Thanks Adam, for showing us a great link & feature in this site, I didn't know exists!

Blessed, I usually compare some translations when I'm searching something out deeply. I believe it's good & important to do that. It gives us a deeper depth of understanding. I find some scriptures I may like a translation better in another version but I've been studying this one most recently. We are truly blessed to have many translations of The Bible available today.


Adam's Psalms Chapter 127 comment on 2/22/2022, 8:09am...

Dear Blessed, congratulations for coming to Christ and thanks for sharing your story.

Based on what you described, it sounds like you think the words were Blessed then changed to Happy. If you speak more than one language I'm sure you know that often it is a judgment call which word best represents the original meaning and some translate word for word like the KJV and others by phrase or thought. Just because there is a derivation, it doesn't automatically mean its wrong or done with ill intent. I believe a translation like the KJV is extremely meticulous and prayerful inviting God to protect the accuracy. So, based on what you shared, I believe you may have it backwards that it was originally Happy and some newer ones have translated it to Blessed and I will explain why I believe this.

If you go to: https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Psalms-127-5/ and you scroll down to Other Translations and click that, it will show you other translations. Notice that all have some variation of the word Happy except for the newer translation NASB which says Blessed. I believe the KJV is a very accurate and trustworthy translation.

If you want more evidence, click that little link to view the Bible scan as that shows the original KJV printing and I see that the KJV has always had the word Happie/Happy for more than 400 years.

God bless...


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