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Olayinka lawal's Ezekiel Chapter 22 comment on 7/20/2020, 1:08am...

So much to say here, it was just so amazing that God doesn't take pleasure in the death of a sinner. He called all men to repent. You can see the love of God in the two last verses of chapter 22, despite the anger of God upon their evil works.

In verse 30. God still looked for a man that can stand in gap for them just as Abraham did in the book of Genesis for his nephew Lot and his household against distruction of Sodom. But God couldn't find anyone. The bible says in verse 31 they consumed their wrath upon themself.

The lesson for us: We are not supposed to be condemning the situation of others rather we are to be standing in gap for them peradventure the Lord will shew them mercy. SHALOM


Alan's Ezekiel Chapter 22 comment on 4/19/2020, 9:34am...

Ezekiel 22:3

"...idols against herself..."

Not much different than the "modern church"; I.E. christ-mass, e'star, sun-day!

All refutable "... according to the scriptures..."!!!

Are we seeing 2 Chronicles 7:13 with the Covid-19 issue?

Going to be very difficult to say no!


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