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David T.'s Acts Chapter 7 comment on 9/28/2022, 8:08am...

As I proclaim my walk and relationship in CHRIST, it is not to defend myself or my way of life, but rather to simply declare the truth about JESUS in a way people could understand. Stephen did the same when he stood before the council.

I am not called to make you understand nor called to make you accept the gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. However, my main job is to proclaim it and pray for the seed to be planted deep. What a person does with the proclamation is their own responsibility.

Through and because of CHRIST JESUS my LORD I have a better promise than land, Jerusalem; or the temple, Solomon's or the tabernacle.

I am endowed with the HOLY SPIRIT, a promised mansion, and a most spectacular life with my SAVIOR the LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST for all eternity in heaven.

GOD bless everyone. Numbers 6: 24- 26

September 28, 2022


Michael Case's Acts Chapter 7 comment on 10/31/2021, 9:38am...

That I may be more like my Savior Jesus the Christ and exhibit His characteristics and trates in my life to all people at all times in all situations.


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