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Michael homan's Matthew Chapter 20 comment on 6/09/2024, 8:33pm...

Another example of the 'First will be last and the last will be first' Principle

is to put others legitimate needs before your own

when a person puts themselves last on the list,to do

there secretly putting themselves first


Michael homan's Matthew Chapter 20 comment on 6/07/2024, 10:53pm...

For anyone wanting to know what this parable means, because the face value is differant than the True meaning.

in secret,the owner is God,the steward who gives the pay of the penny is Jesus

the Penny is Heaven

the parallels of the laborer's time spent in the field are the believers

what Jesus is saying is that no matter how long a believer labors in faith

weather it be there whole life or just a hour before time is up

The payment of Heaven is the Same to All........

that Jesus gives it to


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