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Bks59's 1 Peter Chapter 5 comment on 11/21/2022, 12:33am...

Now that was really great what you said. I needed info like that.


GiGi's 1 Peter Chapter 5 comment on 11/20/2022, 8:37pm...

Yes,, Richard. Satan is our adversary. I have wondered if he and the angels watched while God created Adam and Eve. Or, if they did, was he already in his fallen state and so became very envious and determined to destroy this creation imprinted with the image of God. He does want to destroy the human race anyway he can. He knows he cannot destroy God. so, he continues to rebel, becoming more and more evil with every passing moment. He especially hates prayer, as you said.

I think he also hates the human family, the marriage union, and the begetting of children. His goal is to decrease the world population any way he can. He especially does not want Christians to be fruitful and multiply because then we would soon outnumber the unbelieving as we bring our children up in the faith! He does not want us to be surrounded by billions of believing who have shared godly values and lifestyles because our influence upon the world would be magnified.

He hates it when we focus on God in worship and in the Word of Life. He hates it when we share God's truths with others. He hates it when we build one another up in faith and love. He hates it when we have harmony between us and when we are united in purpose. He hates it when we magnify the Lord ad refuse to give him undue attention.

We need to be wise concerning him, but confident that God will protect us. The Holy Spirit lives within us. There is no room for him in us and the Spirit prevents him from possessing us because we are God's possession in Christ.

Praise the Lord for that!


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