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Theresa Beville's 1 Peter Chapter 5 comment about verse 10 on 7/11/2020, 11:34pm...

But God is full of Grace and in His Graciousness will strengthen us through suffering by enduring the trials which lie ahead and He alone will in that strengthening, perfect us into maturity, courage and peace with confidence thus transforming us into His likeness to which we are all called.

(good to know in the tumultuous times which are now upon us_ courage my friends)


Chris's 1 Peter Chapter 5 comment about verse 13 on 5/17/2020, 9:03pm...

Herman, there is no specific reference, whether biblical or secular, that Peter visited Rome. The only mention of Babylon in 1 Pet 5:13, which is sometimes interpreted as alluding to Rome, is somewhat weak.

However, the question you ask, is often asked by those who attempt to disprove the papal line from Peter (i.e. since Peter wasn't in Rome, how could the papacy be established & proceed from there?). If that is your thought as well, I quickly refer to Mt 16:18, which RCs will used to support Jesus direct instruction to Peter that he would be the foundation that His Church would be built upon.

However, as you may know, that Jesus was using the meaning of Peter's name (Cephas/Petros = a rock), that he would in time be a solid, unshakeable witness for Jesus. Yet, Jesus said, that upon This Rock, he would build His Church. Was it on Peter? No. Jesus was speaking about Peter's great testimony, "And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God." Mt 16:16. Upon this Truth that Christ is indeed the Son of God (along with the Truths that follow such a declaration) & His Church will be distinct from any other so-called church, just based on this fact. There are 'churches' that deny the Deity of Christ & so their further teachings develop into false theology/christology, but the true Church will be based on this Rock of Truth & not on the papal line.


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