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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 85 comment on 3/02/2023, 12:07pm...

Psalm 85 gives general promises after some sort of diaspora as to bringing back people from captivity (verse 1); forgiving iniquity (verse 2); and anger (verse 3).

Interestingly after these things are stated matter of factly; it seems there is a petition made for the very same thing (i.e. removal of God's anger) in verses 4 and 5. Verse 6 also seems to be asking for a return from captivity after it already is suggested in verse 1 to have occured.

Verses 7 through 9 show how God grants salvation (v. 7); and the fear of God brings glory to the land (verse 9). Verse 8 warns not to return to "folly" which shows the repeated patterns of rebellion that tend to occur after temporary and short lived repentance in Bible history.

Righteousness and truth mentioned in verse 10 are explained in verse 11 as existing in earth and heaven; without both of these things we cannot have mercy and peace. Verse 12 shows the crops and earth being fruitful; to be especially true in the Millennial Kingdom.

The final verse reminds us of Psalm 119:105 as to God being a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path. The Lord must illuminate our hearts or else all is in vain in our human understanding (see Proverbs 3:5).


Kent Bass's Psalms Chapter 85 comment about verse 11 on 1/28/2022, 4:42am...

Eunice think you for the words of encouragement. It is a good reminder to only delight yourself in the Lord and his works to be proud of him and just who he is to Elohims glory


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