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Chris's Exodus Chapter 21 comment on 5/16/2020, 12:08am...

Andreas, it was God indeed who gave these rules. The list begins in Exodus chapter 20 verse 1. If you find anything mentioned there troubling, we must remember that God gave these laws to not only deal with any sin that might come to His people, but also as a testimony to the nations around, who had no such laws from God.

Unfortunately, the laws in today's society bear little resemblance to those original laws given to Israel, though they are based on Judaeo-Christian laws, where law makers now generally go according to societal expectations, treatment of criminals as equal to law-abiding citizens, or even in fear of passing a sentence that may be erroneous. Some Christians readily accept such laws as good, others know that one day we will all have to stand before our Great Judge, even the judges of this earth will stand before Him, & give an answer to God about our lives & to those whom we have charge over.


Andres Donet's Exodus Chapter 21 comment on 5/15/2020, 10:38pm...

Was it God who provide those detailed rules? Looks like more as if was some law enforcing people .


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