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Bob 'Whosoever', Jn3:16, Rom.10:13's Exodus Chapter 12 comment on 6/19/2022, 1:15pm...

vs 32 has always stood out to me, ever since God brought it to my attention many years ago, when Pharaoh said to Moses, " and bless me too!.." :-) I personally don't remember hearing that verse preached or taught on since! " ...how can you bless whom God has cursed ... "? No record of Moses responding to Pharaoh's request!

kol tuv etc ... (i.e. be well)



GiGi's Exodus Chapter 12 comment on 2/20/2022, 10:47pm...


Pharaoh even had the gall to ask Moses to bless him. He must have feared for his own life. Even the Egyptian people told the Israelites to leave in haste because they feared they all would die if they remained. The Israelites did as instructed, asking the Egyptians for gold, silver, raiment, which the Egyptians gave willingly. And so it is said that in this way the Israelites plundered Egypt. So they must have left with quite a haul. The Israelites carried their kneading bowl on their shoulders and the dough they had made lacked leaven and they left Egypt, journeying as far as Succoth from Raamses(in Goshen). Where was this Succoth? EAst of Egypt between Raamses and Etham. Many other people exited Egypt with the Israelites. Their origins are not mentioned.

This chapter mentions that the length of the sojourn of Israelites was 430 years, as told to Abraham in Genesis.

So, as mentioned in several posts on this chapter, this account of the passover has many instances that point to Jesus. He was the "first born" who was slaughtered. He was the passover lamb that was sacrificed for God's people's deliverance from the plague of death. His blood was shed and spread over the doorway of our bodies, our hearts. He was the unleavened bread, without sin, broken for us. His bones were not broken just like the lambs'. He died so that His people can live. His blood marks us as His own people.

The Israelites needed to have faith that God would indeed spare them when he "saw" the blood on their doorways. The Israelites were to do all as Moses instructed them by faith that God's ways are right and he is faithful to His words to Moses. The Israelites were to leave on Moses' command and not even think about staying behind and by faith, believe that God would lead them to a land they did not know. The Israelites where then instructed to perpetuate this passover meal forever as a remembrance of God's deliverance of them from death, bondage, and the ways of Egypt.


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