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Roman's Psalms Chapter 48 comment on 11/21/2022, 9:42pm...

Hi Richard,

Do you have any notes compiled about the period Israel breaks the covenant, regarding David's throne? I happens at the day of the Lord, Joel 2:1-11, and ends with Christ claiming the throne. The underlying issue is did God suspend a binding arrangement, or was it unconditional that David would never lack a man on his throne, 1 kings 9:5, Jeremiah 33:17. Does the man of sin have dominion over David's throne?

Didn't you mentioned this a few days ago? Could you do a breakdown of it? I found verses like Isaiah 24:15, Isaiah 13:11 compelling, any insight? Thanks.


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 48 comment on 11/20/2022, 4:58pm...

Psalm 48. In this Psalm there is a clear Millennial period prophecy. The mount Zion on the "sides of the north" (v. 2) seems to indicate from the context of the rest of the prophecy when the heavenly city is indeed visible throughout the earth as shown in Revelation 20.

Verses 4 through 6 seem to show the state of the rulers of the earth during the "birth pangs" phase of the Tribulation (Matthew 24; Mark 13). This could also relate to the sixth seal when apparently the world will be afraid of God and Christ who sits at His right hand (Rev. 6:15-17) but could also refer to those who perhaps survive past Armageddon as well (Isaiah 24:22) which is indicative of punishment sometime between then and the Great White Throne Judgment.

Verse 7 could indicate the nations that came from Spain or perhaps those from Great Britain and it's allies involved in some of the battles listed in Daniel. That could have a last days implication as well; I'll leave that up to others to speculate.

Verses 8-13 show the realization of what was known but until then not seen. (verse 8). Once again; the eternal aspect of this city; the fact that it is known throughout the earth (verse 10) and the fact that judgments were rendered (verse 11) bolster this Millennial viewpoint. Finally verse 12 and 13 describe a very real city and defenses that will be observed at that time. The last verse establishes God's "guide even unto death" which is reminiscent of Psalm 23.


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