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Texsis's Genesis Chapter 2 comment on 6/27/2022, 6:46am...

Genesis 2:7 speaks of how God created the first man not every living soul there after. He created Eve from Adams rib yet every women there after is not created from a rib are they? People love to make things up to satisfy their sinful nature and feel better so they can get through life on a daily basis continuing to sin. Study, in depth, how conceiving a child works and you will see for yourself how God created this miraculous-magical-miracle (look up "Laminin" while your at it) for we did not come from an ape. **So, sorry to say .. abortion is murder.!** (the change of one word ((jot/tittle)) can change the whole books meaning so read a KJV bible. Hebrew & Greek or any other language meanings, are totally different then the English meanings so this is where the confusion comes in because very few actually study the true meaning before spouting off lies.)


Abortion is a ritual of those who choose death over Life's Genesis Chapter 2 comment on 6/27/2022, 12:19am...

90% Americans do not recognize that child killing began way back in Old Testament.

I found history about it on YouTube, under the names of the false god the babies and children were sacrificed to.

Those ancient names are Moloch or Molech. You can read the history and see the paintings; which are hideous. The babies thrown into ovens, burned alive by satanic "priests".

The difference is now women feel empowered by "My Body, My Choice". Many stopped taking birth control when it was thought to cause strokes, physical problems, migraines, etc.

Abortion became the New Birth Control. They choose to not think that multiple abortions cause irreparable scar tissue in a womb.

Also it became the mantra for gay and lesbian groups.

Then we have to hear how difficult it is, they cannot conceive a baby naturally now.

We know that the innocent unborn souls were taken to heaven, to live there eternally with God. Whether they ever meet their mothers is another matter. Let's find peace in that. It's in Gods capable hands.



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