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MARIAPELAEZ#77's Genesis Chapter 2 comment on 7/01/2023, 6:27pm...

Verleen, This is for the questions asked about the Holy Ghost. I am a messianic believer of Jesus {Yashua is his real name, Ya=God. Shua=Salvation} I pray I can clarify some of your doubts.

1.{John 3:16} God so loved the world, that he sent his only begotten son, that whoever believed on him shall not perish but have everlasting life, this is Jesus who was, and still is the savior of mankind, he came to teach us on how we can have everlasting life. he gave us the example that we should be baptized as he was. The Holy Spirit descended upon him and abode in him, {Luke 4:1}, {Mathew 3:16} this was necessary for him to begin his ministry to the people of Israel. It was through the Holy spirit that he performed the miracles mentioned in the Bible. {Mark 5:41} and by whom he taught with authority.

2. The New Testament Church became to being through the four Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, these four were witnesses, of Jesus's Divine teachings. Jesus, he told them he will send his Holy Spirit, {John 14:26}, {Acts 2:4}, {Acts 4:31}

Here again, the Holy Spirit enabled them to perform miracles and teach others {also the Gentiles} about the Kingdom of God. {Acts 10:19}

3. There are true Believers who worship God, in truth and in the Spirit, for God is a Spirit so we must worship in the Spirit. This of course is after believing that God sent his Son, as the word says, that whoever believes in Jesus as our Savior must be Baptized in his real name, as the Hebrew Bible instructs us, his name is "Yashua" He is a newborn person, therefore, this born-again person will also receive the Holy Spirit. {Psalm32:8}, {John 16:13}, {john 3:5}. I hope that these verses from the Bible, will help you understand the Importance the Holy Spirit has had in the life of Jesus in his teachings, the New Testament brought about by the four gospels of the Apostles, and to our very own lives today. This is a wonderful promise given to us who believe in the Savior, {Numbers 23;19} God Bless you.


Verleen S Innis's Genesis Chapter 2 comment on 6/16/2023, 7:01am...

1.what role did th Holy Ghost play in the life of Christ? 2. What role did the Holy Ghost play in development of the New Testament Church? 3. what roles dose the Holy Ghost play in the lives of people today? thank you for your answer helping me to uderstand. Question.


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