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Larry's Genesis Chapter 2 comment on 2/27/2023, 8:10am...

what is the name of the forbidden

fruit of knowledge of the fruit ADAM AND EVE DID EAT


Chris's Genesis Chapter 2 comment on 1/17/2023, 10:37pm...

I suppose we might never know conclusively how Adam knew that this woman was made from a part of his body. It seems likely though that as he awoke out of deep sleep & whether or not the marks of this first recorded surgery was evident on him, God may have told Adam who this new person was & where she came from, when He presented her to him (Genesis 2:22). That new special creation that came from his own body would have especially endeared Adam to Eve and Eve to Adam, truly making them one flesh; he even naming her Eve (Heb. 'ishshah'), for out of 'ish' (man) she was created.


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