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Patty Tozi's 1 Timothy Chapter 3 comment on 9/11/2021, 8:09am...

Today l see God's hidden beauty that others are not seeing. For everyone is running in their own turmoil of this morning not yet promised to them. Money, Power, Greed, no heart for the needy. Only caring for me, myself, and l. Evilness is strong in these days. People are believing lies from Satan before going into the words of their Creator. The one who created everything on this Earth for them. The kindness of the Christian's are like a needle in a haystack. For there is few in-between the Evilness that now are around in these days.

Why oh why can't you see the beauty that you should be seeing. God is sadden when He sees His creations going to be controlled by the Evil of these days, and not going to His Words that he has promised in the Bible. Going each morning on your knees to find what He has promised in His Words to carry you through the day. At night, thanking Him for seeing you through another day. And giving yourself to Him before you sleep. Asking for forgiveness of any sin you could of done, and not knowingly how to react. Ask for forgiveness. "Forgive me Father, for l have sinned, and fallen short of your Glory." To say that is to recognize and figure out what you did or thought, from the worlds point of evilness. For God wants you always to be a Blessing to others as His Son Jesus was as He walked on the Earth. So give a thought to this writing of mine, for My God put in my Heart to write, and show how He wants mankind to be, as our world becomes more and more into Revelation Days. Control!!!! Lies!!!! Meanest....Self...for God will start destroying what beauty we have on this Earth faster then now. For mankind has been destroying for some time out of Greed. .Heed my warnings!!!!!


Minister Shields's 1 Timothy Chapter 3 comment on 7/15/2021, 11:23am...

Having a license of a minister with credentials of being licensed. Why is it that a Pastor that you are under for nine yrs. will not teach the licensed minister what her role of that title should be about?


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