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Mark Valesano's Ecclesiastes Chapter 4 comment about verse 9 on 8/08/2021, 6:07am...

Solomon prayed upon becoming King, for wisdom in ruling God's people. Not only did God grant him his request, but expanded it by providing him with wealth (unrivaled to this day) and peace from potential enemies. I believe God did this to allow Solomon to experience all the pleasures and possibilities the world has to offer and to discover the ultimate vanity of it in the end...namely, death. Although Solomon had many wives, concubines, and many other avenues to draw his attention from God; in the end, he came back to the original position from which his reign had begun. Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.


Heaven Coming Down to Earth's Ecclesiastes Chapter 4 comment about verse 9 on 5/15/2021, 9:50am...

Your post is such a blessing to wake up to. I hear the Holy Spirit singing, "What a Mighty God We Serve!"

He is Mighty. He brings us out of Egypt (sin), and brings us through the deserts in our lives; to the Promised Land. We are His children. The enemies on the other side are nothing compared to Gods purpose to bless His children. That's what we sink our faith into. No matter the obstacles that get in our face, we know that we WIN. Even if we die on the trip over, we arise to meet Jesus; face to face. He is our Reward!

The devil will Lie to us and say "it was just a too much pizza, dream you saw". Untrue. We know WHO it is we love and trust. Every day we wake up, and our feet hit the floor :D is a bad day for satan.

We are aliens to this world. We look to a future day when we will meet The Lord our Savior. The Lover of our Souls. This world is not our home anymore. Let's spend our prayers and our time, being "fishers of men".

Pharisees taught dry doctrine, without any love for the people they taught. It was a job. You go into the "office" every day, do your duty, and go home again. Did you catch any fish today?

I love the Samaritan woman story. She heard all the words of Jesus... and burned up the road, to her town to shout out, "COME SEE A MAN who told me all the words of my life!!" The whole town turned out to go see the Man, and they saw salvation that day. We'll see them in heaven.

Our earth is getting ready to meet the King of the Universe! It's not global warming. It is this earth groaning for God to restore it to what God intended in the first days of Eden. Only those who get their names in the Book of Life, will be residents in New Jerusalem.

Let Us all quit listening to those fools on National TV, that think they (and every dollar we earn) can restore the earth; stop climate change.

They don't read the Bible, or else they would know that GOD fully intends to DO IT. Study it for yourselves. Proclaim it.


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