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GiGi's Jeremiah Chapter 36 comment on 8/10/2022, 10:38am...

Dear Dwayne,

We do not know exhaustively all of the beings God has created in the spiritual realm. We just cannot definitively say that angelic beings are to look a certain way. Since you were not seeking this experience, I would most likely think that God was blessing you in a way concerning your line of work, transporting young children. So, if it was me, I would thank God and then tuck this event away into my treasure box of blessings received from Him.


Seeing Heavenly Beings's Jeremiah Chapter 36 comment on 8/09/2022, 9:22pm...

I've had experiences with them; but I didn't see them. I heard them.

Angels are dispatched by God alone. That's scripture.

Just treasure the memory. Perhaps someone is praying for you?

I always pray for people on motorcycles on interstate 35, near Austin. Especially teenagers. :)


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