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Chris's Luke Chapter 6 comment on 12/17/2020, 3:34pm...

Oh yes, I believe Satan knew full well what the implications of Jesus' death & resurrection would mean to him & to everyone caught in his snare of sin & pursuing sinful lives. But the 'nature of the beast' drives him to put into effect every skill & trick he has to try to out-smart & out-do God's Divine Plan & Power. He knows that ultimately he won't succeed & will be defeated (Revelation 12:12), but as we say, "he will go down fighting to the very end". That is his nature - that is his singular focus: to keep mankind estranged from their Creator & to be subservient to him, the destroyer of our souls.

Satan knows that the Cross is not some idle, ill-advised plan of God, because He knows the Nature of God, him being once considered as a 'covering Cherub' (Ezekiel 28:16), which implies his previous position associated with God's Holiness. He knows the Power, Wisdom & Holiness of God, and that his character would always be deficient & defective as a result of his pride, sin & fall. But will that knowledge stop him believing that his greatness is comparable to God, that his wisdom & power can put up a good fight against God's Holiness & that the more he can deceive the World & gather them to himself, will translate to him being the victor? We were not unlike him, as once the children of the devil, how easy it was for us to consider ourselves more superior to others, not as bad sinners as others are, our righteousness will secure Heaven for us, that success in wealth & receiving man's adulation ought to be our present pursuit & enjoyment, etc, etc. The qualities of God & of Satan are diametrically opposed to each other. Our present pursuit, with our renewed minds & spirits, are only towards the things of God & not to the one who came to steal, kill & destroy our lives.

Of Judas: for the sake of prophecy, his actions by Satan's influence had to occur (Matthew 27:9,10 & Zechariah 11:12,13). By the way, in Jewish reckoning, many prophetical books came under Jeremiah.


Todd Wheeler's Luke Chapter 6 comment on 12/17/2020, 12:07pm...

Did the devil understand the cross was his defeatIf so then why did he lead Judas to show the Jews where Jesus was


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