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BSP's Luke Chapter 6 comment on 5/13/2022, 7:38am...

Verse 27-This can be very hard to follow but in imitation of Christ we must work hard and pray to love our enemies.


GiGi again's Luke Chapter 6 comment about verse 28 on 4/26/2022, 7:06pm...

Giannis, You are welcome into our conversation anytime. Thanks for reminding me about the jailer and his household. i also remember that a Scripture says something like that the children of a believer are sanctified. (Not sure of the verse).

I think that the family especially is God's institution for growing His church. Believing parents who happily receive children from God into their lives increases the "body" of Christ by raising their children up in the faith. Of course, each child needs to come to salvation in the same way as everyone else by acting on the faith the Holy Spirit provides for them. But, as parents, we pray for our children to be "in Christ". And we have faith that this prayer is in God's will and that He will answer our prayers for the good of our children, who truly, come from Him, and are His.


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