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Mishael's Song of Solomon Chapter 5 comment on 11/15/2021, 10:18pm...

I can't give a Hebrew translation; but Jesus is the person in Song of Solomon. The woman is the Bride of Christ. It's hard to understand if a person thinks of it carnally.

All scripture is pointing to Christ and the beautiful love song written by king Solomon is no exception. It describes the Lord Jesus Christ in the most beautiful and intimate terms - He is manly and strong - He is the chiefest among ten thousand. His lips are like lilies dripping with myrrh - His mouth is sweetness itself. Jesus Christ is desirable in every way - He is altogether lovely

The truth of the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ and the many precious promised that surround the beauty of His Person - can only be described as the sweetest and most beautiful truths known to mankind. The glories of the gospel of grace from which flow love and joy and peace and hope and the salvation - and that brings with it eternal life are sweetness and light to all who believe.

Grace and truth came to us through the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the transforming light that streams into the inner recesses of man's bitter soul - bringing new life and new hope and new joy into the inner recesses of man's spirit.

You can put the verses into google, type a comma and type Hebrew interpretation. Then you'll have to find a website that is Jewish.

For me, first I had to leave my carnal mind at the door, and open it to the spiritual; by asking My Teacher, the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to me. He indwells us and He is the Spirit of Jesus. This is part of His ministry to believers.

For me, the greatest acceptance and love is in the strength of the statement: I AM my beloveds, and My Beloved is MINE.

I am not struggling all alone. I belong to My Savior.


James Hops's Song of Solomon Chapter 5 comment on 11/15/2021, 5:57am...

Could you provide me with the Hebrew transliteration of Song of Solomon Ch 5 V 16? I was listening to it the other day and I did not hear the words that are presented here as translation.

Who is chapter 5 talking about in such praise as is apparent in verses 9 - 16?

Best regards,

Dr. Ir. James Hops


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