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David's 1 Kings Chapter 18 comment about verse 38 on 8/14/2021, 10:42pm...

My God is all powerful and can do anything that will glorify Him. He always has His people in positions that we lest likely to expect. Such as Obadiah, governor to king Ahab, who feared God greatly. And the 100 prophets of God who Obadiah hid in caves and took care of them.

We may believe that we alone are doing the work of God as Elijah thought, but the truth is -God always has other people in the land working in His name.

My God is capable in sending down fire so powerful that it "consumed" everything and left only a hole in the ground. The 12 barrels of water poured on the alter and sacrifice was and is as scripture said- water, and not some type of flammable liquid as some would contend.

As we go through more government mandates, that continue to change almost daily; we believers know that it will "rain" soon. Thank you Lord. Let us all have faith in God's promises.

I pray for the people who chose to not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. May they find salvation in the Biblical Christ. God bless everyone August 2021


Me's 1 Kings Chapter 18 comment on 7/12/2021, 2:23pm...

Why are the sacrifices which had not been burnt yet called a burnt sacrifice?


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