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Mark Valesano's 2 Chronicles Chapter 23 comment on 8/06/2022, 5:16pm...

It's a sad commentary on the fickleness of mankind. Seeking to preserve the line of David, Jehoshabeath (the wife of Jehoida the priest) took Joash (Jehoash) and saved him to become Judah's next king. While Joash did start out well, it's important to note in chapter 24, verse 2, (2 Kings 12:2) that he did this only during Jehoida's lifetime. Upon the priest's death, at 130, Joash gave up serving the Lord at the prompting of wicked leaders within Judah and turned back to paganism. Jehoida's son, Zechariah, then spoke God's warning to Joash and the Judean nation and was subsequently stoned to death. The Lord had forsaken Joash and conspirators took his life in return for the killing of Zechariah and others.

Starting out well is not unusual for most of us. It's just the finishing well that can cause us the most difficulty. I pray to God that my life reflects a Jehoida mindset and not a shallow Joash. Let God help us to steer the course thru this life!


Annysia's 2 Chronicles Chapter 23 comment on 3/19/2020, 5:42pm...

Jehoiada is someone that stands up for what is right. He did all he could to bring back the line of David (the true rulers) back to the throne and fight against tyranny. He was "just" a priest, but he stood by his believes despite the dangers it posed to him. In the end, he succeeded. God was on his side and he brought the line of David back to the throne. rnrnThis chapter really shows you how important it is to stick to your beliefs and if you're on God's side, He'll definitely support you throughout.


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