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Allo's Psalms Chapter 45 comment on 11/19/2022, 7:22am...

as an young Christian it gives me the motivation


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 45 comment on 11/17/2022, 7:35pm...

Psalm 45.

This Psalm discusses in the first five verses a description of a mighty warrior of valor; with characteristics of "truth; meekness and righteousness" in verse 3. The description in verse 2; however about being fairer than the children of men would certainly seem to portray the future Messiah; or at least an angelic being.

Verse 6 clearly describes God. Verse 7 discusses God Himself anointing someone; which likely represents only the Messiah Himself. There were special formulas for priests to administer to kings in the O.T. as specified in Leviticus 8:30; as well as Exodus 29 and 30.

Verse 8 discusses Myrrh which was one of the spices brought to Christ (Matthew 2:11).

The remainder of the Psalm except for the last verse could describe the nuptuals and marriage bonds such as found in the Song of Solomon. We are also reminded of the story of Ruth who left her own people and was blessed for joining Naomi and the Jews; and eventually was part of he royal lineage from the sentiments in verse 10.

Verse 16 could describe spiritual offspring; and relate to us as in Revelation 5:10 being "kings and priests on the earth". The last verse also seems to indicate Christ being "remembered in all generations." The whole Psalm is likely a depiction of David as seen by those writing it for the sons of Korah for worship.


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