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2 Corinthians Chapter 7


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Teresa's 2 Corinthians Chapter 7 comment on 11/05/2022, 2:07pm...

Are we all forgiven yet blinded from our sinful nature of birth (Adams sin and Satan's temptive joy). Belief that Christ Jesus came to earth to forgive them all, All sin All sinners, might I add all that can, we the people created by the hands of God and the dust. God achieved this from the beginning and through his perfect ensample (example), offering life forgiveness from death of earthly life and his death resurrection. Earthly pain earthly sarrows earthly wrongs. God is good and we should love to be good as well. Amen? Yes, Amen


Fred Scanlan's 2 Corinthians Chapter 7 comment on 8/18/2022, 7:13pm...

We always are subject unto those things that question God. It is our nature!

We overcome these things in and through the holy spirit.

Christ died for these sins that go before us and follow after!

We should always be confident that what Jesus has done is sufficient to forgive us of these sins. There are no specific sins that keep us from the frustration of the Holy Spirit. Sin is who we are. Jesus calls us evil! Imagine that!

There is nothing we can do to change this condition, but believe that Jesus death and ressurection cleanses us from all sin. That we are reconciled unto God through the shed blood of Christ! Praise Him, sing unto Him! He loves you!


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