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Peggy Kapteina's Acts Chapter 16 comment about verse 1 on 9/11/2021, 7:19pm...

Praise God that he leads us by his spirit , divinely orders our steps , to his spirit says , Stay , Go , be loosed and saves to the uttermost , evil spirits cannot stay , " in the blood bought , name of JESUS CHRIST our Lord !!! Lovingjesuspkk


Chris's Acts Chapter 16 comment on 7/10/2021, 4:41am...

Hi Are. Yes, the jailor was asking about a spiritual salvation. He was the head keeper of the prison, any escape would mean that he would pay the price for it - whether being jailed himself or executed for his ineptness. When Paul & Silas appeared before him, they found him about to commit suicide, for he believed that that would be the better option for him. So this jailor was so relieved that these two men didn't escape & that their honesty & fear of God and probably the Gospel message that the jailor heard from them, prompted him to realize his own sin & his need for such a wonderful Saviour.

This again shows us how God can use His children in so many ways to bring the Gospel to the unsaved. And especially when the unsaved are in great need, their ears & hearts are more open. Trouble is, so many believers lead careless lives making the Lord & the Gospel a laughing stock & a derision to so many. Though Paul & Silas were prisoners, the jailor soon realized that these prisoners were men of God, that God was with them, & they had a life-giving message for him (& his household).


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