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WARS in the Bible's Deuteronomy Chapter 20 comment on 5/04/2021, 10:38pm...

I'm just going to comment on the skinny of the wars in the Bible.

There were wars that God ALLOWED, and then the wars that God COMMANDED. The book of Joshua is a good book to follow on "wars". It mentions wars and battles.

"WESLEY'S COMMENTARY for Deuteronomy 20:4

20:2 Speak unto the people - Probably to one regiment of the army after another.

20:5 What man - This and the following exceptions are to be understood only of a war allowed by God, not in a war commanded by God, not in the approaching war with the Canaanites, from which even the bridegroom was not exempted, as the Jewish writers note.

20:6 A vineyard - This and the former dispensation were generally convenient, but more necessary in the beginning of their settlement in Canaan, for the encouragement of those who should build houses or plant vineyards, which was chargeable to them, and beneficial to the common - wealth. Eaten of it - Heb. made it common, namely, for the use of himself and family and friends, which it was not, 'till the fifth year."

In a war that God commanded, normal home building, animal care, vineyard planting would have to be entrusted with other family members.

Life doesn't stop because you are of an age to join. People still get married and become fathers.

There is a kind of harmony in the Books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. Also Joshua.

In 1 Corinthians 12:8 is a group of Ministry gifts that may not be in a position to have home, family, possessions, land. They traveled from place to place. Our times are different with trains, planes etc.

I suggest you use Google to search out Commentaries written by different preachers.

In Google type out: book and verse (you wish to study) and then type COMMENTARY after it.

Sounds like a really good subject to study. Come back this way and let us know what you found.



Bro Barney's Deuteronomy Chapter 20 comment on 5/04/2021, 10:03pm...

God told the officers of the army of Israel to send home all the soldiers who had unfinished business at home: a home he has not used, a vineyard he has not harvested, or an engaged woman he has not married - let them go home.


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