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BSP's Judges Chapter 11 comment on 12/24/2021, 8:48am...

Verses 37-39- even though her life may not have turned out the way she planned, she took practical steps to cope with disappointment such as taking the time to sort out her feelings, confiding in her friends, and doing what she could in Jehovah God's service.


David's Judges Chapter 11 comment on 6/11/2021, 8:26am...

All discussions and view points offered here have merit. Some more, some less. Let's not forget, how much greater God's wisdom is than ours. If we allow the Bible, God's Word, to explain Himself- a the clear rendering can be made. Just keep in mind, we must always use the whole counsel of God not just parts we know or like.

We know, from Scripture, God hated human sacrifices. He does not allow it.

One last point, people may abandon us - even family; but the Lord God Almighty never will.

Thank you Lord for this medium of learning and discussion. Lord Jesus shine His face on all here.

God bless everyone on this forum.

June 11, 2021


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