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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 87 comment on 3/10/2023, 1:30pm...

Psalm 87. When we compare God's foundation in the holy mountains (v. 1); we also see how Satan would want to establish a foothold there we are reminded of Daniel 11:45 and some other verses in that chapter auch as verse 19 discussing fortresses.

Verse 2 discusses the gates which would protect the outskirts of the city and also the Temple.

We see the east gate mentioned in Ezekiel 44:2 where Christ will return in the future. That history is intersting as to how it was shut in and kept from intrusion in the past during the Middle Ages. (see history of Saladin).

The city of God will be where Christ rules in the Millennium and then in all eternity the Heavenly Jerusalem will come down to earth at that location. (v. 3).

Verses 4 through 6 are indicative of Christ as well; as it is mentioned that a number of nations will recognize the importance of the birth of this unnamed famous person there. Verse 5 indicates further that he will "establish her" which again indicates the future reign there. Verse 6 seems to indicate God's role call; or perhaps the Book of Life or those physically dwelling in Israel in the Millennium (commentaries debate this). It is interesting that Christ is also counted as everyone else in that number.

The last verse of course could refer to literal springs or it could be figurative. Such verses as Ezekiel 47 show a literal fulfillment. We see the praise of God of music which again would be a future event so that it finally can fulfill the prophecy of being a place of prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56:7 quoted in Mark and Matthew's gospels).


Rick Colombe's Psalms Chapter 87 comment on 6/12/2022, 6:05am...

Hello Mary. It's obvious to me that you are seeking God, yet you're using "Mary" as your advocate, which is against God's plan for salvation. I grew up in the Catholic Church, and is wasn't until God opened my eyes and heart to His Son Jesus that I was able to see clearly that the only way to the Father is through His Son Jesus. I encourage you to continue reading His Word, while asking God to open your eyes and heart to His Truth.


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