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Chris's Isaiah Chapter 9 comment on 2/07/2021, 5:22am...

I think you're referring to Isaiah 8:19. If so, maybe if I gave a transliteration of that verse:

'When those that come to you & suggest you enquire after those who consult the spirit world: to the wizards who say they have the ability to see into the future or babble sounds imitating the spirits. Reject them. Shouldn't you rather be seeking after the Living God to worship Him & get His counsel? Does it make sense for the living to seek help & advice from those who have died?

I realize this is a loose & long translation, but I've written it so you can get a better understanding.


Emma Johnson's Isaiah Chapter 9 comment on 2/06/2021, 6:36pm...

Isaiah 9:6 what does it mean when it says seek God for the living to the dead?


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