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Fred Scanlan's Isaiah Chapter 9 comment on 2/04/2022, 1:15pm...

9-11 has nothing to do with the bible, the Samaritan, or the philistines. Our policies in the world and the destruction and its refugees, are the consequences of escalation and in most cases false pretenses.

It is, as if our Father of the nation has left, unable to attend to the upbringing of a Nation of its own!

The law is no longer a useful tool. Just ask the Mothers who bury their children before they arrive home from school! No longer these lawyers deciding on a Childs future, but how much should the Childs Mother get to bury Him or Her!

The destruction you seemed to be so worried about is everywhere , not only in the homeland. Sin is the problem! Looking for and asking for forgiveness though right in front us, we repel!


Richard H Priday's Isaiah Chapter 9 comment on 2/03/2022, 5:37pm...

Apparently the attitude of the Samarians and Ephriam's descendants in verse 9 and 10 was something repeated in this nation after the destruction of the Twin Towers after 9/11. Pride of man is a very dangerous thing. We see the enemies of the Syrians followed by the Philistines (today's Palestinians are now mainly in that coastal region west of Jerusalem today). Hence what happened then will happen again; it would appear in some phase of Revelation (perhaps illustrated in the league of nations in Psalm 83 occuring BEFORE the outside perimeter of Iran; Russia and Libya; Ethiopia and Turkey attack in the Ezekiel 38 conflict). Verse 13 shows how Israel has rebelled against God and perhaps eventually against Antichrist himself "the one who smiteth them". The false prophets and final False Prophet will cause deception; hence the dread judgments of the rest of the chapter of fires; and people eating their own flesh (verse 20). Even the widows and fatherless won't be spared (verse 17). Again; the state of the people's hearts following false predictions will lead to these horrible judgments. There is always the consolation that a remnant will be saved; as some will flee to safety during the Tribulation judgments; and even a few will live physically to repopulate the earth after that time into the Millennium.


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