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Jacqui's Psalms Chapter 10 comment on 10/01/2022, 4:12am...

May God bless you , you are rich in Christ . He is your victory over this world . You are his prize for his selfless obedience , love and willing sacrifice . Love conquers everything .


David's Psalms Chapter 10 comment on 9/30/2022, 8:31pm...

Just so you will know:

The United States Government committed Fraud against me in 1979.

I had been trained in college by CIA's designee and was reassigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence while serving in the U.S. Navy. CIA/ONI pretended I was AWOL to establish my cover so I could work undercover in the fleet.

I refused to accept the Devil's lie spoken through the Lieutenant's mouth.

Slander, libel, and defamation of character has made me a pauper (poor).

I continue to be persecuted to this day because of my faith.

Jesus says we must rebuke a false witness.

I continue to rebuke the Navy/ONI/CIA/ODNI.

In 2000, my Commanding Officer (CIA) ordered me to apply for SSA disability benefits because of the extensive damage to my knee. I was struck by a forklift and the Surgeon had to scoop huge chunks of meniscus out of my knee.

I was subsequently required to report what appeared to be a clerical error to SSA.

SSA refused to correct it and that constitutes Govt Fraud.

I was required to report said Fraud to the Office of the Inspector General.

SSA OIG refuses to correct the Fraud.

I have contacted Senators Feinstein, Harris, Padilla, Congressman Carbajal, DNI IC IG, and CIA OIG.

No attorney will take my case.

The wicked persecute the poor (whether you're aware of it or not).


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