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GiGi's Genesis Chapter 46 comment on 12/14/2021, 8:13pm...

Jacob and family journey to Egypt, stopping along the way at Beer-Sheba (south Canaan in the desert area of the Negev, I believed) to offer a sacrifice to God. Jacob was thankful for much. Joseph was alive, all of is sons were safe, having returned from Egypt, they were welcomed to arrive in Egypt, they would receive what they needed in the famine. God appears to Jacob and speaks to Him words of assurance.

Jacob and Joseph meet. They held onto each other a long time-20+ years worth of a hug!

Judah and Joseph lead the group to Goshen near Avaris (a Hyksos city). They will settle here and shepherd their flocks. I don't know why shepherds were looked down upon by the Egyptians. I know that later, the Pharisees looked down on the shepherds, too. Perhaps saying they were shepherds would keep Egyptians away from their settlement and prevent much intermingling of cultures (for a while). Maybe it would keep the Israelites from being put into the army or other position of the government. The Goshen area was a very fertile area as it accumulated silt from the Nile as the river branched out into a delta. It was in the eastern side of the delta region, closer to Canaan than any other area.

They were strategically placed by God to be able to flee Egypt in the Exodus hundreds of years later.


Erma Abdullah's Genesis Chapter 46 comment on 3/14/2020, 7:23am...

That makes sense they counted in a different way some of us do.


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