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Simon's Luke Chapter 1 comment on 4/24/2021, 5:21pm...


There's a bit more detail that I didn't include, and figured you would appreciate it. In 1996, after 700 years in its possession, London sent the coronation stone back to Scotland, so effectively neither country sits on David's throne.

(Ezekiel 21:27) I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.

In the move, David's throne was overturned three times, ending up in London. The phrase "and it (throne) shall be no more, until"..... Means until Jesus Christ comes, there will be no more throne, no forth overturn, limbo. The Bible continues to fit our current state of affairs, and conditions for Messiah's return.


Simon's Luke Chapter 1 comment on 4/24/2021, 2:53pm...


This prophesy describes Jeremiah's commission, along with Baruch, to move and replant David's throne, along with the ark of the covenant, prior to Nebuchadnezzar's destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. Look at the last two commands of Jeremiah 1:10: "to build, and to plant". Jeremiah replanted David's throne according to God's declaration that David would 'never lack a man sitting on his throne'. Christ has an active, earthly throne to return to; the queen of England sits on David's throne.

(Isaiah 49:1,3) God calls Israel (house) "O isles" his servant in whom God will glorify.

(Psalm 89:25)

(1 Kings 8:25)

(Jeremiah 33:17)

Jeremiah also played royal matchmaker in Egypt by taking a "low" couple with him to assume the throne. He took a 'tender branch' (daughter) of the kings to heal the Zarah-Pharez breach. (Isaiah 37:32,31)

All the kings of the British isles have been coronated on "Jacob's stone", care of Jeremiah, seated beneath the throne. See the pictures. Jeremiah took it from Jerusalem to Ireland, to Scotland, an onward to its current resting place in London, England. It was overturned 3 times along the way, and when the time comes, will be taken by Christ back to Jerusalem.


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