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Jesse's Psalms Chapter 11 comment on 5/11/2020, 9:49am...

Mild Bill,

Thank you so much for bringing this out. The 1,000 year reign is another beautiful example of how gracious God is. Out of His grace and mercy, He gives so many opportunities for people to come to Him, and yet some will continue to have hearts of stone. Satan will be bound up in the bottomless pit for the entire 1,000 years and no longer have any influence on the lives of people. But then he is loosed after the 1,000 years for a short season to deceive, and some will go right back to following him.

After the thousand years, we leave with Christ. And the people on the earth who are left over from the tribulation, who still are not saved, but they've been given this one thousand year opportunity to live under the rule of Christ with Satan bound, when Satan is let loose, they will go back to Serving Satan again.

I think it's a tragedy, but we have to understand that when a person is a rejecter of Christ, you could send him to heaven for a thousand years and say "Look how nice it is here," and when he comes back he's going to reject it. Nothing's going to impress him to be saved.

Again, thank you so much for bringing this out. God's grace is so powerful and unending!


Mild Bill's Psalms Chapter 11 comment on 5/11/2020, 2:37am...

Jessie&Chris,While believers indeed have a certain future in Christ to be with him in heaven,don't overlook the 1000yr. reign of Christ on Earth, which will happen after the rapture.God made promises to Israel to be yet fulfilled,to Israel,God's earthly nation

among nations.As resurrected,unblemished servants of Christ,we will be with him here as he rules the Kingdom of God on Earth,and Satan bound in hell.While I have no details of our daily lives then, I do know the supernatural powers Christ demonstrated in the gospels, will be commonplace at that time, according to his will.Mankind fails seven dispensations of time, given by God,then God,by his grace,takes us into eternity.Innocence,conscience,government,promise,law,grace and the kingdom,all revealed by scripture.


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