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Kay's Exodus Chapter 17 comment on 5/07/2022, 7:43am...

HALLELUJAH!!!! Praise the Lord! That lesson sets my heart singing and my mouth praising, Gigi! Thank you so much for that encouragement! Glory to God! He really is the CHAMPION Who was, is, and ever will be the Stronger-than-the Strongman Captain of our Salvation! Praise the Lord!

You and your family are always in thought and prayer..especially Mom....

Loving holy hugs, Gigi,



GiGi again's Exodus Chapter 17 comment on 5/06/2022, 7:34pm...


The chapter ended with Moses being commanded by God to memorialize this battle in the book and to recount it in the hearing of Joshua that God would utterly blot out Amalek from under heaven. Moses built an altar and named it "The Lord is My Banner." or YHWH-Nissi. How wonderful to know that God is over us like a banner that fights the battles foy us! Our victory comes from God, not from ourselves!

The Israelites were not a trained army yet. They were a million or so people, men/women/children. They had fled Egypt and are now out of Egypt (Sinai peninsula was still Egypt) in Midian. They most likely had not been met with many people up until now.

They were a ragamuffin band of people, not an army ready for battle.

But God fought for them. God instructed Moses to make a memorial. Not that the Israelites won the battle, but that God had gained the victory for them. So, the altar was like a victory banner that tells of the hero in a battle. YHWH-Nissi. God is our banner, He is the victor, the hero, the deliverer, the stronger, the determiner of the outcome. I should remember this, too.


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