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Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 67 comment on 12/25/2022, 11:59am...

Psalm 67. THIRD attempt to post after I wiped out AGAIN like last tiime.. ugh

I lost Psalm 66 but this Psalm once again has a Millennium type of fulfillment as indicated in verse 4. Isaiah 9:6 speaks of Christ as "wonderful; counselor; mighty God; everlasting father; Prince of Peace" with surrounding verses describing how He rules with fairness and settles disputes impartially etc. The nations have hardly sung about this sort of thing as a whole yet.

Verse 2 and the "saving health" could be a reference to Petra where His people are physically preserved previously from Antichrist (Rev. 12:14). It also could be how those who worship God are given a life like that of a tree (Isaiah 65:22) where those who die at 100 will be considered as a child two verses previous. There will probably be physical life for those who don't rebel until the end of the 1000 years in the Eden like state of the earth but those who rebel will be immediately judged.

Again as in the previous Psalm; the crops will be multiplied (verse 6); and blessings and fear of the whole world will occur (verse 7). The lack of the fear of the Lord now as opposed to then certainly will be due to Christ Himself returning. Sadly though the unregenerate still will follow the Pied Piper's call when Satan makes his last stand at the end of that period immediately before the Great White Throne Judgment.

Mark 16:15 also shows how the Temple was designed to be a place of prayer for all nations (referring to multiple passages in the O.T. including Jeremiah; Isaiah; Chronicles and others).


Gigi's Psalms Chapter 67 comment on 1/27/2022, 12:43pm...


This psalm is an appeal to

God to be merciful. And bless

His people and an exhortation for His people to praise Him. It also expresses the desire for the nations to come to know their God as the only true God.

Verse 6 is distinguishing the God of the Israelites from all the false gods of the nations.

The psalm writer is hoping for all people to come to the God of the Israelites and praise Him alone.


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