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S Spencer's Job Chapter 7 comment on 5/19/2021, 11:12am...

Hi Douglas.

Google Chuck Missler on Science. He does a good job on that.


Why does Earth have oxygen and water's Job Chapter 7 comment on 5/19/2021, 9:49am...

A Genesis Explanation

It's all over the Bible, in different places: search the words: 'upside down'. However it has NOTHING to do with "Old Earth Theory" about creation. That's a cult.

The Bible which is a record of ONE person: Jesus; the Word of God. Genesis to Revelation leads up to the end of this age. 2 Peter: earth will burn up.

What scientists have long sought to explain=

TIME, FORCE, ACTION, MATTER: explained in Genesis 1:1. How did it happen and WHO did it? The Godhead: the Father, the Word of God, the Spirit.

The First thing God created, was TIME. "In Beginning". John 1:2-5, Hebrews 1:1-16. Time began to tick for Creation and Man. For seasons and times.

God Wills it

The Son (Hebrews 1:5), The Word, speaks it

The Holy Spirit performs it.

Mishael: this is enough to get you on track with what happened in Genesis the first day. Get a KJV study Bible that has Center Column references to further explanation (has tiny abc's imbedded in the scriptures). You don't need secular books to read this and understand better.

We know the earth itself is billions of years old. All sciences have evidence. Carbon dating.

Genesis 1:1 shows God creating TIME, first. It was created for mankind.

Maybe your daughter will become a great evangelist amongst the scientific communities? It was recently published that all planets had water on them. It was proven that the position of earth allowed perfection for life. Who did that?

Water on the other planets disappeared. Only Earth has the water needed for life.

Or she may study a named asteroid (star), WORMWOOD (named in the Bible), that is going to hit earth and turn water to be bitter and poisonous. (Book of Revelation) Until recently there were many pictures of Wormwood. Now I think NASA has taken them down to avoid mass hysteria, but they are still tracking it.



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