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Chris's Revelation Chapter 2 comment about verse 7 on 12/08/2020, 2:31pm...

If you type the word in the Search Box at the top left of the Main Page, it will give you your answer. As it happens, the word 'Church' appears 114 times.

However, the word 'Church' is from the Greek, 'Ekklesia', & this means 'an assembly or congregation'. So in Acts 7:38, Stephen, when testifying to the Jews, mentioned "the church (which was) in the wilderness", referring to the Israelite congregation that had fled the bondage in Egypt. So the 'Church' that was born from Jesus Christ is only seen in the New Testament, but it can have a broader meaning to any assembling of people or congregation, specifically those meeting as part of a religious group or gathering.

And then one sees a group such as the "Church of Scientology" who regard themselves as a Church (because of the primary meaning of 'Ekklesia'), but has almost no reference in its teaching to anything of God & Christ leaving such belief to the conviction of its adherents.


Steven Spencer's Revelation Chapter 2 comment about verse 7 on 12/07/2020, 5:12pm...

it actually says the paradise of GOD, thats always heaven in the scripture


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