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Baker's Revelation Chapter 2 comment on 11/09/2022, 11:58am...

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Chris's Revelation Chapter 2 comment on 11/08/2022, 2:07am...

Hi Jag. This is a very sad indictment against a Church that was vibrant for the Lord & had a great love for the saints (Ephesians 1:15,16). Now about thirty years later, Jesus speaks to the Apostle John from Heaven, that the Church at Ephesus which was once well commended by Paul & recognized by the Lord (Revelation 2:2,3), had given way to a lifeless orthodoxy in belief, in service & in love for each other.

When a Church degenerates to such a state, Jesus feels the pain as when a spouse becomes unfaithful & looks aside to other suitors. But the Lord is gracious to allow them to reconsider their backsliding, repent & return to their first love. Even though there may have been individual believers that were true & faithful to the Lord (Who was their first love: 1 John 4:19), when those who ought to have been keen to arrest any departure from their relationship to Jesus have been negligent, then the Church as a whole will be judged & the faithful would do well to depart from their midst, finding food for their souls elsewhere.


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