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Mishael's Romans Chapter 16 comment on 7/29/2021, 1:56am...


I believe a woman on fire for Jesus, can lead in an intercessory prayer group. We need people who can tear down strongholds of self-doubt; to do some business with the Holy Spirits leadership.

Study on how Jesus prayed. Even King David in the Psalms. Children and teenagers in Proverbs. Always Ephesians 6 so we can understand our enemies are invisible; that's why we put on our Armor. Deborah in the Book of Judges came on the scene when their was need for strong leadership was imperative. We can all prevail with unshakable faith in prayer.

Take the prayer requests, pray for individuals; lay hands on numerous requests, lay hands on them in the Prayers of AGREEMENT is powerful. God knows each name on the Prayer List! Do not doubt that.

God is omnipresent and He blesses prayer ministries. All women should be taught to lead so no one person has to do it every time you come together. You can get a lot done in an hour before or after church.

All we have to do is touch God with our faith.

My little grandmother sent me love letters from Jesus when I was in my sinful life. I always thought about that drawer full of her love and prayers for me. That reality tore down satans kingdom in my life and then The Kingdom of God flooded into my present life.

Our world is getting darker now and it's time to Let Your Light Shine. You know I watched that War Room DVD. It makes me think of both my Christian Grandmother's. They are who I want to see 2nd, in heaven.

Go get em.


Rebcca's Romans Chapter 16 comment on 7/27/2021, 4:05pm...

Salute Jesse that he fulfilled the order to make all the gentiles obedient in word and deed.


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