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The Best Part of Life's Ephesians Chapter 3 comment on 7/12/2021, 12:41pm...

I think the Book of Proverbs gave me the most help guiding my son.

When he was practicing his handwriting skills, I asked him to copy short chapters in Proverbs, onto a sheet of paper.

My motivation was for him to learn the dangers of "running with the pack." Which he did. He learned to be a leader and think independently: To know when to withdraw himself from activities that would get him into trouble.

My praise is unto God. He watches over His Word. It accomplishes that which it was sent to do.

It was a 45 minute bit of time, for me to drive home from work, when he did this. It was random; didn't happen every day. They shouldn't feel they are being punished.

His reward was a Saturday at the water park, up the street. I learned to do house chores, other times, so this one day could be very special.

Kids grow up and we are alone again. To see them excel in life, and be involved in their kids "free times" is a huge thank you to God for His leadership.

Being left alone too much, teaches insecurity with self-imposed fences.

The Lord bless you with resolve and ideas to grow love that blooms.


Sharon's Ephesians Chapter 3 comment on 7/12/2021, 8:56am...

Biblical guidelines for parenting


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