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Carleton's Ephesians Chapter 3 comment on 3/17/2021, 3:14pm...

I think the purpose of the Church is to know the brethren well enough to wash each others feet and greet with a holy kiss on occasion and a place to marry in the faith and raise children to one day, where they may hopefully choose to live by the faith seen in their parent's lives. A place of reproof and correction. A refuge and a hope. A place of fellowship sweet. A place where peace is witnessed by living testimonies of one another. A place as you mentioned to worship the living God and praise His name by song and scripture and prayer. A place of order and rest and peace. The list could go on. So I think a sincere sojourner with a refreshed spirit by the Living Christ would seek this Church, the bride of Christ ahead of His return.


Jesse's Ephesians Chapter 3 comment on 3/17/2021, 2:50pm...

Osagie Victor,

The answer I would give you is that the universal church is not an organization or a specific denomination, The universal church is made up of all believers who have been born of God's Spirit. The purpose of the church is to worship God and serve Him.


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