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Caring for others Gods way's 2 Corinthians Chapter 6 comment on 12/21/2021, 9:13am...

The tithe is out of obedience. God promises to rebuke the devourer. Offerings are separate. Write on the envelope who/what it goes to.

I keep a list of Benevolence Organizations, Food Pantry Locations. Many Catholic Churches sponsor those (fresh meat & veggies). I give money to those organizations so people can eat; get clothes and shoes.

Everybody in the church helps, by bringing donations of items.

If someone rings my bell, I steer them to one or more of benevolence ministries. I have copies of locations and numbers to hand out. I would do the same thing with my neighbors. The Bible warns that familiarity breeds contempt; and you're there. Don't be their source again. Find those who do it for a job.

I hope you'll recover from thoughtlessness done to you as a new Christian. God withholds blessings as long as you hold others in unforgiveness. Forgive and the record books will show zero balance.

If my neighbors are moving heavy stuff and ask to use my truck__I suggest U-Haul Pickups for 19.99 a day. Just smile and close the door softly.

By forgiving them, God forgives you and the heals those wounds on your soul. If Satan tries to dig up those memories__just say out loud, "how about this Devil ! It's all under the Blood of Jesus now. Go talk to Him." Say as often as needed. :)

You'll be free! Which is Gods Will for all of us.

I worked in Benevolence 2 years. I gave my time and donations to it. Worked out great.


ROSE's 2 Corinthians Chapter 6 comment on 12/21/2021, 3:12am...

If you are only giving to get you are giving for the wrong reason. God honors our tithing and offerings but you must be a cheerful giver. You are right, there are a lot of phony christians out there but you can't judge yourself by them. Give to your local church and if they have missionaries, support them monthly if possible. God will honor you for that if you give willingly. When I changed my attitude about giving faithfully and not grudgingly I found the peace I needed and I let God take care of the rest. You must always pray about a situation before handing your money out to just anyone.


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