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Dav47's Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 comment on 5/27/2022, 3:18am...

Diane by no means do you put up with abuse of any kind. You are a child of GOD, a Christian; not a 2nd class citizen and Christians should never let anyone walk on them. In Mathew 18:15-:20 you admonish them showing them the error of their way and if they don't ask for forgiveness and repent than rebuke them and set them aside (Romans 16:17). That means don't hang out with them, putting yourself through any chance for abuse, don't hate them but be pleasant like it doesn't bother you, live your life as a Christian who will be blessed. When they see how good your life is, then they will want it too. These people you are talking about do not sound like Christians to me, if they were they would not abuse. Therefore you do not put up with them but put them aside until/if they have a change of heart. Yes love your enemies if they have turned from their ways and accepted CHRIST. Talk to them and tell them how you feel if that does no good then live in peace and harmony knowing their sin is not on you. 2 Thessalonians 3:6-:14 Luke 17:3,4. Someone has to ask for forgiveness to receive it. When that happens they must repent and have a complete change of heart, making a commitment to never do it again. You are under no obligation to forgive one that does not come to you and ask. But for your own health, in your own heart it is better that you do and move on, because it will turn to hate and bitterness where the devil will sneak in.


S Spencer's Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 comment on 5/24/2022, 4:37pm...

Hi Diane.

Sometimes when we feel one is letting us down and we feel we don't deserve it we have to think of what Jesus endured in our behalf.

2 Corinthians 5:21. For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

The Lord of mercy died for us while we were yet sinners! Romans 5:8.

To fully appreciate that, in order for us to do anything for someone we would probably want them to straighten their lives up first. But he's love, rich in mercy, longsuffering and forgiving. That's something we're "naturally not. These are fruit of the Spirit. In Matthew 5:43-44 Jesus is saying what is expected out of believers.

This is Jesus spirit working a work in us. We are continuously pray and grow in grace. It's not something we can manifest on our own.

I hope this helps.

God bless.


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