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Adam's Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 comment on 6/25/2021, 7:19pm...

Hi Myra,

This very simple: do you want to follow Jesus or not?

If you want to follow Jesus, Jesus said to be baptized in Matthew 28:19.

It also says to be baptized in Acts 2:38.

So, it's very simple- either you follow what Jesus says or you don't. Those who follow Jesus are called Christ-followers or Christians. Genuine Christians have an opporunity to have their sins forgiven and spend eternity with God. I want that, but strangely most don't and are only interested in figuring out how to do the bare minimum while mostly seeking pleasure in sin and doing whatever they want. Motives must be questioned of anyone that doesn't want to follow Jesus's teachings or are seeking to do the bare minimum. It's really one or the other. Either we follow Jesus or we don't. God bless.


Myra spring's Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 comment on 6/25/2021, 3:29pm...

please answer this Im confessed I was told you have to baptized to go to Heaven and I heard from my son that a preacher told him you dont i was raised by my Christian Grandmother and she said you do


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