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Ronnette's Romans Chapter 5 comment on 6/13/2022, 8:05am...

What a great chapter written by our Apostle Paul.

Philippians 4:9

Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.

Romans 5 is a perfect chapter to tell you the free gift I received in 11/11/21. The grace of God and the gift by grace made me open my eyes to a lot of precious things important to God for God's glory.

Talking and praying to God. Reading the Bible like my life depends on His words day and night.

I hope one can relate. I counted and mentioned each name of my family member. My son, His wife, their children. I know immediately figuratively I need to build an ark. I do not ask God why, but I just do what God tells me. Spiritually, I seem to know God is talking to me. So I started to pray and gave warning to some of my siblings both my husband's and my side. The total of them is 60 souls. I also have extended my warning to most friends. I cannot count.

Here's the amazing part I know that God revealed to me. I can give warning that Christ is coming soon to all people that touches my life and help them how to be saved or I prepare my own family of nine to prepare the coming of Christ. There is something profound about this single task. So I decided to make sure I know I am the sole responsible for the emotional and spiritual heath of my family. I own the responsibility to remind them that God wants us to be holy. That Apostle Paul have written the book of Romans to the book of Philemon to tell us about our only hope and Saviour Jesus Christ. He also told us how to prepare and be saved for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. While yet waiting, the Apostle Paul and other apostles have written superfluous informative epistles on how to behave in these last days of preparations. More importantly, God gave us enough examples of what to do and not to do from the entire KJV Bible, Old and New Testament throughout the history of men. What a great free gift! Peace.


Paul ohonbamu's Romans Chapter 5 comment on 5/25/2022, 4:59am...

man can only reign by grace that was release to him on the cross. When sin comes close to grace, it loses its grip, stamina and power because the power of Grace is greater, stronger and better than Sin. If we have not been able to overcome sin due to our own personal effort, it is time to plug into grace because it will swallow up all disgrace brought by sin.


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