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Mishael's Romans Chapter 5 comment on 3/29/2021, 10:13pm...

Find her post on your pc or phone( look for a thread link; probably in your email. Click on the thread link. Then her reply link.

Find her post in room history in the numbered links at the bottom of this page. It's in there, you'll find it. Click on REPLY once or many.

We will see the new comments in here again.


Billy's Romans Chapter 5 comment on 3/29/2021, 6:04pm...

Yesterday I posted a comment in regards to a senseless act of murder.I had stated how we are born into sin,we as a whole/human race are not as good as we think. I really angered one lady whom evidently took that statement as "All children are born evil"? and just a nasty hateful text.To make a short question long.How can I respond to her ? I prayed that the Lord would give me the right words.


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