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Chris's Ruth Chapter 1 comment about verse 22 on 6/04/2020, 4:43am...

That, Carlos, is a great introspective question for every believer & it is indeed the time for its careful consideration. I would hope, nay, believe, that every lover of the Lord is actively awaiting the Lord's Return. Even leaving the sequence of eschatological events aside to which we are at odds with, the glorious hope & expectation for the Lord's Return ought to be our longing, & from all that we do on this Earth, it should reflect this joyous hope.

I think the leaving behind of material possessions & affiliations will be relatively easy for most; but the leaving behind of loved ones who have not heard the Gospel or accepted the salvation offer from the Lord, will be the pain in our hearts both now & at that time. This is another reason that should urge us to be looking out for their souls by sharing of the Word, in testimony & in much prayer.


CARLOS RAMIREZ TREVINO's Ruth Chapter 1 comment about verse 22 on 6/03/2020, 2:03am...

I had this thought recently, and wanted to share it with everyone for comments, that I feel God has been impressing on me about His Return. Matthew 24, 25 were not just written to give us information about when Christ will return and what conditions will be like. It was written also to warn us to Prepare for His Return.

The example of Lot's wife is very clear. She had a strong emotional attachment to what she was leaving behind. She didn't want to be separated from them. Her yearning, her longing was so great, she didn't want to leave them behind. She was, perhaps, having second thoughts. In fact, was she a reluctant follower?

So, when we hear the Trumpet Call, the Shout of the Archangel, and we see Jesus in the Clouds as He starts gathering His Elect (Christians) from one side of the sky to the other, and the Heavens begin to fill with the rumble of those that were dead being raised with us who are alive, praising and magnifying God, and the thunderous sound of swords clanging as they slip out of their sheaths in preparation for battle, and the Word of God is held high to lead the charge; will we be emotionally ready to leave everything behind. Will we be able to release the emotional grip we have on our spouse and answer the call, as Jesus announces with a loud voice to "Come up Here"? Will we be able to let go of the hand of the mother we love, as Jesus appears in the sky? Will we be able to leave our children behind without looking back with a strong desire to take them with us? Will we be able to let go and rise to the Heavens without hesitation?

Two will be in the field, Jesus told us. One will be taken. Pray we won't be like Lot's wife, whose emotional attachment to her material possessions, friends, family, social life, were greater than her desire to obey and follow God's instructions Gen 19:17.

Perhaps this is something most need not worry about, but are we ready emotionally to let go of everything we hold dear, to answer the Call? Lk 17:32.


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