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Chris's Ruth Chapter 1 comment on 12/06/2020, 2:11pm...

If you're referring to some Christian women who cover their heads (with scarves or hats) when worshipping the Lord, this directive is taken from 1 Corinthians 11:3-10. The covering of the head by the woman (or, in the case of men, to be uncovered), has its roots in God's order of creation & the observance by the heavenly host. This teaching & practise might be difficult to comprehend by us today, but it's stated clearly in the Scriptures for a reason. However, this is generally not observed in many Fellowships today, preferring to appear before the Lord according to current dress trends.

I'm unable to determine from the Scriptures how the observance of this practise is seen & judged by the Lord. It might be one that is added to the many other practises that we Christians fail to observe correctly. The Lord is our Judge.


What is the reason for chirstians wearing scarfs on their heads's Ruth Chapter 1 comment on 12/06/2020, 9:41am...

I understand that it is for, to keep your heads covered with the Lords word


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