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Robert's Mark Chapter 5 comment on 9/13/2020, 3:20pm...


I believe your question is a great one. God is not the author of confusion.

However, I respect others opinions and their journey with the Lord even if I disagree with their doctrine or beliefs.

For two millennia, people have been expecting the Lord to return and arguing over their beliefs.

Obviously after 40 generations (estimate), the world has yet to witness the 2nd Coming.

The Bible has never been proven to be wrong. God states, I have told you in advance, so when it happens, you will know I have spoken it. 66 books were given as proof. Other books are claimed to be part of it, but that is another discussion/distraction for another time.

The Bible claims 2 people and one member of the Godhead have ascended to Heaven. Interestingly, there were witnesses to all 3 ascensions. The Bible claims throughout, Old and New Testaments all others who have passed to be in the grave and awaiting one of the Ressurections.

For myself, I choose to believe the Scriptures instead of mankind that has been trying to change God's Word since creation.

I would recommend you take it to the Lord in prayer. Seek and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). See Jesus' words for yourself.

Read the parables.

May you be given eyes to see, ears to hear, and may the Holy Spirit guide and teach you in all things. Blessings and Prayers.


Fred Scanlan's Mark Chapter 5 comment on 9/12/2020, 7:44am...

Why does the holy spirit in Mark 5 not unlike all of Christs teaching, give us specific info. 3 things ,Christ ability too cast out demons,Christ ability to heal the long term sickness, and 3 to raise the dead, a 12 yr. old little girl! When i read the commentaries many equate mans sin in relation with all these. how we are all dead in tresspasses and sin, that because of sin we could very well become like the demoniac, we all are born with a long term sickness called sin. Mark records this exactly the way he recalls it. Is there something else we need to know? Are we suppose to look deeper into his words ? How are we to interpret scripture for all to understand. One thing is for sure that wherever Christ goes there is always something extraordinary that will happen. His life and what happens while here on earth is unbelievable. Perhaps these and all Christ miracles are stories that require faith, Faith is the real story,that he did all this and more. Faith will cast demons into hell. faith will heal us from the disease of sin, and truly faith will give us eternal life through him.


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