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Chris's 2 Samuel Chapter 16 comment on 1/17/2023, 10:18pm...

It is okay Mark to read the apocryphal books, as you would read many other similar writings. But there were important reasons why they were not allowed into the Canon of Scripture. Reasons such as, apostolic authorship, non-recognition of those books by the Jews, the apostles, even the Lord Himself, historical errors, doctrinal errors, etc., prompted their non-acceptance; even though those books are recognized & incorporated by Roman Catholics & some orthodox churches in their Bibles.

Tobit (I think you meant to write that) & 1 & 2 Maccabees are amongst those with some errors - not many, yet one needs to have a watchful eye & be led of God's Spirit when reading any material not found in the Word of God that we have in our hands now.


Mark's 2 Samuel Chapter 16 comment on 1/17/2023, 10:33am...

is reading a bible version with the book of two bit and the books of maccabes Bad or is it ok???


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