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Giannis's Genesis Chapter 48 comment on 5/06/2022, 3:44pm...

Dear brother, since Jacob was under the influence of God's Spirit and was about to start prophesing about his children, I suppose that he was given a direction from the Holly Spirit.


Alex N's Genesis Chapter 48 comment on 5/06/2022, 12:54pm...

Udodirim this may be a lil hard to understand...But Gen. 25 said that the Elder shall serve the younger...When Rachel was pregnant the 2 children struggled in her womb...And Joseph's 2 sons Ephraim and Manasseh Gen. 48 says JACOB BLESSED THE YOUNGER INSTEAD OF THE ELDER...Which answers to our Salvation ...We must birth a new innerman which is the H.G. OUR YOUNGER MAN as Jesus said whosoever receiveth one such child in my name receiveth me...Its our younger man which is the H.G thats is truly blessed...Our bornagain man is the younger he is the one who gets the Blesssing...But our old man has to serve the Younger which is Christ in us...We cannot have the Kingdom unless we are bornagain...Its only our Newman that is heir to the Kingdom...And we are just a joint heir with the H.G. That Child of Promise our New Innerman which is the younger man...Our NEWMAN, our new born is gonna be served by the elder which is our old man

.....10 times in the N.T. Speaks of us needing to birth a new innerman...Which is Christ in us...Our new born...There is a baby Christ in our future which is the H.G that Child of PROMISE...That New Born babe that desires the sincere milk of the word is the H.G. that Child of Promise...Whosoever receiveth one such child in my name receiveth me which is the H.G the Child of PROMISE...She brought forth aman Child that is gonna rule ALL nations...We are the woman but her Child is our new born, the younger...The Woman is the elder (humanity) but her Child is the younger..The H.G ..That is gonna be born in us via the seed of Christ....There's more to this Manasseh Ephrahim thing then what meets the eye...Jesus said these things are hid from the wise and prudent but revealed unto babes...The younger ones..The H.G....The Children of PROMISE.


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