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DisPer's Psalms Chapter 137 comment on 8/13/2023, 7:41am...

I fear the Christian that takes such statements literally and as God-breathed as words from the Lord Himself, something for other Christians to indeed act on, rather than as God-breathed accuracy of a person's feelings as they experience the tough and troubling emotions that occurred with the brutalization of their country.


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 137 comment on 5/07/2022, 7:43am...

This passage contains some of the hardest verbage in all of scripture in verse 9. Dashing little ones or babies against stones and being happy about it certainly would make one question the God of Israel as to his cruelty if one were to assume that He Himself found some joy in such heinous activities.

Obviously; the God who created man and desires the death of no one would not sink to such a level. The only times we see God laughing is at the calamity of the wicked; Psalm 2 shows man attempting to fight Christ at His return which obviously is the ultimate madness of men who are under the power of the Antichrist and the mark of the Beast. In this passage; we need to keep in mind that first of all the Media Persian empire would heap on the Babylonians the same sort of things they did to others. This brings about reaping what is sown. The reaction would therefore relate to the peoples who were doing such things. God made it clear over and over again that babies sacrificed to Molech; for example were an abomination; so it is undoubtably shocking that those in Israel were so seduced by foreign women that they willingly took place in such unspeakable arocities. The other thing here is that those in Israel who had to live through 70 years of exile with the war; pillage; and machinations of Nebuchadnezzar with the golden image (who later repented); until the last ruler who was having drunken binges using the temple items to drink from and whatever other sufferings they went through. They were to be free partly as a result of the prophesied end of Babylon as well as the pagan Cyrus to follow who allowed them to return to Jerusalem. It is certainly possible that song which was such a part of worship through Psalms was disallowed along with prayer as Daniel's story makes clear.

This serves as a sober warning; particularly if the US is symbolized by the "daughter of Babylon" in verse 8. This goes all the way back to Genesis 9:6.


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